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The Center for Disease Control states that nearly half a million children living in the U. S. have levels of lead in their blood that are high enough to cause irreversible damage to their health. Children are most often exposed to lead through lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust found in older homes. However, other sources of lead poisoning can be related to old toys, furniture, mini-blinds, ceramic dishes, pottery, and even porcelain bathtubs.

Lead Poisoning is Preventable!

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Every system in the body can be affected by lead poisoning. These symptoms can include:

•Headache & Stomachache

•Irritability & Fatigue

•Impaired Hearing & Memory Loss

•Learning Disabilities & Behavioral Problems

•Kidney & Central Nervous System Damage

Unfortunately, many symptoms of lead poisoning go unrecognized. Blood testing is the only reliable way to confirm lead exposure in children.


What Are The Symptoms Of Lead Poisoning?

Porcelain bathtubs are often overlooked as being a possible source for acute lead poisoning in children. Many glazes used by bathtub manufacturers have contained lead for years. Should the porcelain on the surface become chipped, eroded, or damaged, lead can leach from the surface and contaminate the water. When small children drink the bath water or put wet fingers or bathtub toys in their mouths, they put themselves in danger of lead poisoning.


"Many families spend large sums of money and countless hours trying to find the cause of their children's abnormal blood lead levels, not realizing it may be their bathtubs. If you suspect the tubs in your home contain lead, you should have them tested."    ~ Brian Olson - The Bathtub Doctor


Bathtubs: A Source of Lead Poisoning

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Brian Olson, owner of The Bathtub Doctor, has found that 75 percent of the 20-year-old porcelain tubs that he has tested have had leachable lead on the surface. About 10 percent of five-year-old bathtubs have had leachable lead.

Ensure Your Family's Health With A Lead Test

If your bathtub tests positive for lead, The Bathtub Doctor can professionally refinish your tub and eliminate the leaching of lead by encapsulating the tub with a special primer and finish coat. Once it dries, the coating prevents contact with the lead-based paint.


"After The Bathtub Doctor completes any bathtub job where the tub tested positive for lead, we always test it again to verify that all the lead has been sealed and will not bleed out. In 15 years, I have never had a tub leach lead after we encapsulated it."    ~ Brian Olson - The Bathtub Doctor

Encapsulation: Solving Your Lead Problem